Technical progress is changing our lives every day, new emperies emerge and disappear, and only chocolate has been reigning in the Sweet Kingdom for centuries. Melting tenderness, sweetened bitterness, and delicate aroma of travelling and exotic countries…  Chocolate is timeless, it is a true monarch, kings and distinguished people were the only people who could afford drinking it.

Today we make sculptures and souvenirs from this “sweet gold”.

“Monetniy Dvor Univers” — is the place where fine chocolate is produced.

We would like to share with you our secrets, knowledge and, what is most important, the delight of really high-quality chocolate consuming.

In 2003, we stamped the first lot of chocolate medals for the production of which the company was created.

Today we are a rapidly developing and successful player on the market and in our treasury, not just “sweet gold”. Now we are producing a very wide spectrum of chocolate products and fulfil unique orders.

Our priorities

The quality of the products and creative approach in the production are the key priority that has been remaining unchanged for all the years of the company’s operation. We are concerned to make the process of buying entertaining and comfortable for you. Our main aim is to manufacture a product that we and our beloved ones could use themselves.

We never sacrifice taste in the name of economy!

It is our principal and unchangeable priorities, the formula for success.

The result of our long-lasting experiments is a high-scale receipt — bitter chocolate with 72% of cacao — blending of three kinds of cacao beans from Ivory Coast, Ghana, Ecuador. As a result, we managed to get unique products of the highest quality that can satisfy the taste of the choosiest sweet loving gourmet.

Our guarantees

The invariable quality of our product is guaranteed by a high technological level, the professional excellence of our team and high-quality raw materials. There is the latest equipment form famous European companies installed at the production site.

We maintain a long-lasting and fruitful relationship with a well-known company “Barry Callebaut”.

Our partners

We are proud of a successful and fruitful cooperation with our partners:

These companies, with which “Monetniy Dvor Univers” is working, can be considered as a proof of the product quality and our reliability.

Our accomplishments

Our principles

Commitment to agreements, accurate adherence to time limits, transparent pricing. Long-term contracts with our raw material suppliers allow us to correct the prices not more often than once a year.

We will help to make not just your life made of chocolate but your business as well.

 “Monetniy Dvor Univers” — feel the luxury of true chocolate.